Symplify Confirms Expansion in iGaming Sector and Other Verticals

Symplify, a Scandinavian-based supplier to the gambling industry, has signed a deal with SCCG Management to further its North America expansion.

There are different perspectives on doing business: for some it is all about single-minded focus in a core area of expertise, while for some others it is about having a finger in every pie and making the best of the presence in multiple areas of expertise. Symplify seems to have followed the second approach and has now confirmed its move to expand into multiple verticals, including the iGaming sector.

The Symplify and Jada Gaming Merger: Expansion into the iGaming Sector?

Symplify acquired Jada Gaming towards the end of 2021 in what many see as a definitive move by this CRM solutions provider into the iGaming world. There is another secondary question, though – would it have a ripple effect on the other sectors that Symplify already has a presence in?

And that is a valid query, for Symplify does have a noticeable presence in a wide cross-section of business areas. These include online gaming and entertainment, fintech, journalism and segments of the retail market. Notable clients include online casino operators like LeoVegas and Aftondablet, the Swedish newspaper.

It must be said that this kind of presence across an overarching umbrella of business areas, products and services is not new to Symplify. It has had this sort of presence for most of its nearly 2-decade-old run in the industry. According to their CEO, the symbiosis between the company and the iGaming industry is age old and the 2 have been steadily maturing over the years.

After finalizing a €30 million acquisition of Jada Gaming, a solutions provider specializing in AI, the company has paved the way for even greater moves within the iGaming space. No doubt it will be making waves within the sector. Symplify clients include industry giants like Mr. Green and LeoVegas.

Indeed, the iGaming sector keeps going from strength to strength with each passing year, creating stiff competition for top online casinos offering the best bonuses out there.

The Jada Gaming Buyout Story – How the Acquisition Helps Symplify
Acquiring Jada Gaming was very important for Symplify because it set the tone for how things would develop in the coming times. Symplify caters to multiple markets and industries and for a force like that, the iGaming sector is big business.

Symplify’s core business approach has been total user acquisition and for that to work it would be critical to not have to reinvent the wheel. And that is where the iGaming industry comes in – this company would develop marketing products and services for it, and it is highly likely that they would be useful for other markets.

The iGaming industry is huge and there are always loads of ideas cropping up about the different aspects of products, services and marketing here. By working on all of them, you get a good idea of what works and what doesn’t, and that makes it easy to take the ones that are successful and work out and offer them to others!

The acquisition may seem abrupt, given that Jada is brand new; it announced its launch just last year, in 2021. And it wasn’t looking to be acquired so soon. The merger happened because of the clients that the 2 entities shared; they saw the value of putting them together and told them about it. And when they did get together for a conversation they realized that pairing up would make them formidable.

What the Deal Means for Jada Games and Symplify
According to the management team of S, the experience of the Jada team is priceless, especially because AI and its use in predictive marketing is where the industry has been heading in recent times and that is an area where the iGaming outfit has solid experience and a clear vision of how they want to go and how they plan to get there.

For Jada the deal is sweet because it allows the senior management – co-founders Alberto Alfieri and Josh Troman-Jones – to continue running their operation just as they were pre-acquisition. They loved the fact that Symplify saw the merger as a synergy that had a long term vision and goal. Not just that, there was method behind it all – there was a plan, a project design and implementation strategy.

This structured approach would be of great help to the new kids on the block, Jada Gaming, as it would allow them to benefit from the experience that Symplify came with.

Other Focus Areas Besides iGaming?
The capabilities that Jada comes with are immense and they would find application outside the iGaming vertical as well. That is the belief of Robert Kimber, the CEO of Symplify, at least. The world of iGaming is constantly undergoing changes and shifts and that creates a constant demand for product expansion and development. His belief is that a product for such a demanding industry would definitely find takers in other verticals.

Alfieri of Jada Gaming is thrilled with this aspect of the acquisition, because it allows them instant expansion into other verticals and business areas, something they would have taken a fair bit of time to achieve on their own. And that is why it is currently at the top of their list of priorities.