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Suicide Prevention Law Roundtable “For the love of life” was held in Yucatán

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With the aim of providing opinions that help find the best way to prevent suicide, a round table called “For the love of life” was held, organized by the president of the permanent commission of Health and Social Security, the deputy Dafne López Osorio (PAN) and that had the participation of various academics, specialists and representatives of the health sector.

(Yucatán al Instante) Mérida, Yucatán, March 29, 2022.- At the beginning of the work table, legislator López Osorio highlighted the importance of implementing actions that allow suicidal behavior to be prevented in Yucatecan society so that the subject ceases to be a taboo, it must be recognized and treated as a public health issue. Examine it and attend to it openly and adequately. “Preventing any type of suffering or factor that favors the abandonment of life as a solution,” she commented.

Among the speakers was the presence of Dr. Salvador González Gutiérrez, a specialist in psychiatry, who, during his speech, assured us the issue of suicide is a problem that has been present for years, and that work has been done in various programs and actions to address this problem unsuccessfully.

Similarly, he highlighted the importance of knowing the causes that lead people to make these decisions, that is, early identification to prevent suicide. He assured us that, among the main causes is alcoholism and the economic situation.

The director of the Institute of Mental Health of the State of Yucatan, Arsenio Rosado Franco, explained that, in various studies carried out in Merida, three situations were detected in people who have suicidal behavior and the actions to treat them.

“The person who has already tried to commit suicide is going to try again. In all hospitals, including the IMSS, there is a social worker or psychologist who follows up on the person who had the attempt. Another point is violence, 60% of people who commit suicide, lived or were agents of violence. It works to give talks on the subject. Finally, the consumption of alcohol and drugs are also factors that influence, ”he expressed.

The issue of suicide is a problem that has to be addressed since Yucatan is among the three states with the highest level of suicides in the country, hence the importance of these works with specialists to enrich the initiative presented by himself.

Congresswoman Karla Franco Blanco (PRI), likewise welcomed the fact that these workshops are being held with people specialized in the subject since all the opinions expressed will undoubtedly favor further enriching the initiative and presenting society with a product for everyone.

In her turn, the deputy from Morena, Rubí Be Chan, assured that she agreed with all actions that help prevent and reduce cases of suicide and attempted suicide in the state, working on laws that benefit the Yucatecans.

The PAN deputy, Karem Achach Ramírez, also thanked the guests for their presence at the work table and assured them that as a young man and athlete, he is in favor of ensuring the well-being of society and more of the young people of the state.

Finally, deputy Dafne López informed that the results of this work table will be made available to those who require it in order to collaborate and enrich the initiative of the Law for the Prevention of Suicide in Yucatan.

“We are facing a multifactorial problem that threatens the most valuable thing that the human being has: Life and that the loss of it, through suicide, is one of the most alarming and serious problems that humanity faces since it affects society. in general,” he pointed out.

It is urgent, she said, to create the legal framework that allows the prevention of suicide through comprehensive care that includes its attention

The mayor of Umán, Gaspar Ventura Cisneros, and the anthropologist Sara Álvarez Mendoza, PhD in Social Sciences from the line of research in anthropology at the University of Salamanca, Spain, were present at the work table, along with a number of Yucatecan state and municipal officials.


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