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Security is the main attraction to buying a house in Mérida

by Yucatan Times
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Among the types of housing most sought after by Yucatecans are those that mainly have a backyard, since they assure that not everyone is used to living in an apartment or common areas.

(TYT).- The phenomenon of the online sale of properties outside the interurban perimeter of Mérida is due to the lack of space for construction and the little that remains has a high cost, which ranges from 2,500 to 8,000 pesos per square meter, For this reason, real estate companies work on sales offers towards the outer fringe of the Peripheral Ring, where the price can be 600 pesos and therefore more accessible to the buyer.

Nery Escalante May, the sole administrator of the real estate company Citra, S.A. de C.V., explained that Mérida is a very good market for the simple reason of public safety and legal certainty, elements that make the capital a successful “brand”.

Escalante May also pointed out that the pandemic opened the doors for the establishment of sales through digital platforms, but that great care must be taken because some engage in fraud and deception that endanger the investment capital of those interested in buying housing, apartments or lots.

Given the lack of land in urban areas, Escalante May explained that real estate sellers or developers look for spaces abroad to lower costs and offer affordable products.

“If you have the money you are going to invest it in Yucatan because there is legal certainty and public security,” she said.

For example, an advantage that Mérida has is the digitized Cadastre, which no other state has, since you can enter the portal and see the legal status of a property, and that is what attracts customers from Monterrey, CDMX, Sinaloa, and Baja California.

These people who come to invest also want to live and buy a space, be it an apartment or a piece of land, and that is why there is a housing “boom” in the state capital and also in other Yucatecan municipalities, but to a lesser extent.

Buying land outside the urban periphery also creates a problem for the municipal administration, because it is forced to provide services, which represents additional expenses to the budget; therefore, when selling spaces are bought, it is necessary to analyze whether or not it has services so as not to be deceived.

In the particular case of Mérida, he explained that it is not yet known when growth will reach its peak, for now, there are spaces inside the Peripheral Ring, but they have high costs and that is why developers are looking for areas that are cheaper and can carry out accessible projects for the various pockets.

She said that care must also be taken in promoting developments that may be sustainable because current laws promote and defend sustainability. “If you remove a tree you must plant many more.”

“Housing construction will always be a business and is part of a human need, as long as there is population growth there will always be demand and the pandemic, for example, showed that when people were locked up they needed more spaces for coexistence. We are going to need more land,” he said.

The digital platform in which the Citra company is hosted has more than 800 real estate advisors, which shows that it is a good business, because each one manages to place one sale a day on the market, be it a house, an apartment or a land, and many of them also handle rental housing.

Insisting on the “boom” of housing and digital platforms that focus on the real estate market, Escalante May added that the buyer must be careful in his investment, must make sure that the company is duly registered, that it has staff, and must visit the place you intend to acquire.

“It is not buying to buy, you have to be careful. We are a serious company, with eight years in the real estate industry and 18 as developers”.

The homes available in Mérida are for people who have a different kind of life. There are those who are used to living in apartments and in common areas, something that does not happen with the Yucatecans, who prefer to have a backyard.

Prices vary based on affordability and location. The housing prices range from 450 thousand pesos to 40 or 50 million pesos.

He advised that “invest now, this is the time to do it, prices are good, but later everything will become more expensive.”

Mérida is growing exponentially and its radius of action is outside the periphery. Inside there is little space and some investors build apartment buildings for a high economic level.

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