Russia congratulates Mexico for refusing to impose sanctions.

“Russia views ‘with satisfaction’ that Mexico refuses to impose sanctions on Moscow” – Viktor Koronelli, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Mexico. “This action confirms the independent course of the Mexican government’s foreign policy.”

(MEXICO – TYT) – President López Obrador assured that Mexico City would not impose sanctions against Moscow. The ambassador of the Russian Federation in Mexico, Viktor Koronelli, expressed his “satisfaction” with the Mexican government’s refusal to join the sanctions against the Russian country.

“We see with satisfaction that the Mexican authorities have refused to join the sanctions against Russia, which confirms the independent course of its foreign policy,” the head of the diplomatic mission said on Saturday, March 5.

At a press conference, the Russian official assured that this action would allow “to successfully continue cooperation in all spheres for the benefit of our countries and peoples.”

Koronelli added that after the start of the military operation in Ukraine, there had been a regular dialogue with the government of Mexico on all issues. “We are always attentive and respectful to any position of our Mexican partners,” the ambassador said.

On February 24, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard condemned the presence of Russian armed forces in Ukraine by demanding respect for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and an immediate ceasefire.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador later said that the authorities did not intend to close the country’s land borders and airspace to representatives of other states.

He also said that Mexico City would not impose sanctions against Moscow and expressed opposition to blocking several Russian media outlets abroad.

The Yucatan Times