Robbery leaves man injured in Kanasín, Yucatán

The Kanasín municipal police arrested Ángel Isaac C.R., 29 years old, accused of robbery with violence with a knife to a business located in the Vivah subdivision of this municipality.

(SSP) Kanasín, Yucatán.- According to the official report, on Saturday, March 12th, a call was received at the 911 Emergency number from a business located on Calle 7 (between 2 and 4) of the aforementioned neighborhood.

Upon arrival, the manager of the establishment informed the uniformed officers that minutes before a subject had entered the place with a knife in his hand, that he had struggled with him causing injuries to his elbow and hand, and stealing $2,000 pesos in cash.

Immediately, the police officers carried out an operation and in the streets of San Ángel Kanasín, and a subject corresponding to the description was detected in possession of the knife and the money.

He was taken to the crime scene of the events and the person in charge of the place fully identifies him, for which he is taken to the public jail and made available to the Public Ministry for the corresponding purposes.

TYT Newsroom