Renan Barrera announces the new electric carriage service will begin in Mérida in two weeks

In two weeks, the electric carriage service will begin in Mérida, with an average of between four and six units, according to the city’s mayor, Renán Barrera Concha.

MERIDA.GOV.MX.- The municipal president reported that they are currently detailing the administrative part, the new carriages were shipped from China and are already in Mérida.

“Tests are being carried out, the review of security protocols, civil protection, we are also talking with the coachmen about how these new uses are going to be applied,” said the mayor.

Barrera Concha considered that these types of changes are usually applied with caution, without haste, which is why they are finishing defining the scheme.

“We would be starting between four and six gigs, they are gradual, gradual processes, trial and error, improvement, until we can have stability in the project and then increase the number”, he indicated.

“It will also be a new attraction for tourists and locals, we will gradually see the advantages these new units will bring, including a better income for the “Caleceros,” he added. .

Likewise, Mérida was recognized internationally as one of the three cities as an example to follow on the subject of roads and the mayor highlighted that the City Council has the Comprehensive Plan for Sustainable Urban Mobility (PIMUS).

“Some actions are already visible, where public spaces are already contemplating walkways, connectivity, we are building pedestrian bridges, everything that has to do with caring for and providing road safety for the people of Merida,” he said.

“There is still a lot to do, the city grows every day there are a lot of challenges to face, but we are on the right path and that makes me very happy,” he added.

The mayor revealed that they are already preparing different works that would begin next May, to improve the historic center.

“We are finishing defining some important actions for the recovery of the sidewalks that require constant maintenance. We have done a mapping to make a significant investment in the restoration of roads, sidewalks, and lighting in strategic parts of the heart of Mérida, ” the mayor said.

“The idea is that we can go from the first frame outwards, with all the conditions, with ramps, as well as movements of poles and telephone booths that no longer work, remove all obstacles, do a comprehensive job where Public Works intervenes. , Public Services, Government and Urban Development”, mayor Renan Barrera Concha concluded.

The Yucatan Times



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