Public elementary school under restoration works in Mérida, Yucatán

(Photo: 24 horas yucatán)

The “Luis G. Monzón” elementary school, a 68-year-old building, will be fully rehabilitated with the aim of guaranteeing the best conditions for the educational community and a safe environment for the students.

(SEP).- This school currently has 427 students enrolled, of which 411 attend in person in subgroups and 16 remotely.

The head of the Ministry of Education of Yucatan, Liborio Vidal Aguilar, visited the school to maintain a dialogue with the authorities, teachers and the parents’ society, with the purpose of learning about the needs for improvement.

The rehabilitation, which is in a tender coordinated by the Institute for the Development and Certification of Educational and Electrical Physical Infrastructure of Yucatan (Idefeey), is focused on two main aspects: structural safety and electrical systems, complemented by waterproofing and general painting of all buildings.

In the company of the owner of Idefeey, Luis Jorge Montalvo Duarte; the director of the school, Manuel Jesús Catzim Rojas, educational authorities, teachers and unions, the Secretary of Education explained that this work is the response to the specific efforts of the primary school community to improve the environment of the students.

“The children are happy, we hear their comments of joy as they come back to school and they are glad to see their friends, and their teachers. When we talked with them we asked them if they wanted to come back and their answer was unanimous, we can see their appreciation and affection for the school community. It is up to us to guarantee the conditions so that the education service is safe and of good quality”, Vidal Aguilar said.

The state Secretary of Education expressed his appreciation to the teachers for the dedication they have put into their professional mission since the pandemic began and now returning to the classrooms to strengthen the teaching-learning processes and counteract the educational gap caused by the health crisis worldwide.

The Yucatan Times