Psychologists will monitor how children are re-adapting to face-to-face classes

(Photo: Yucatán Ahora)

The College of Psychologists of Yucatan will be providing emotional support to students, in coordination with various public and private educational institutions, with the aim of identifying children and young people who are going through complicated situations to provide them with the help they require to face this new stage of life. Covid-19 pandemic.

(TYT).- The monitoring includes supporting the minors in their adaptation to coexistence, since it is presumed that several have lost skills, such as socializing, due to the confinement caused by the pandemic.

“The children know they can’t get close to each other, or hug, that they have to use a facemask and, suddenly, coming back to the classroom can create an emotional imbalance. So, we are, precisely, working with the clinical psychologists on this training, both for teachers and for students”, explained Patricia Gil, president of the College of Psychologists of Yucatan stated.


The educational authorities in Yucatan implemented phase 3.0 of the Safe Return to Class Program, in which it is contemplated that there be a capacity of 100% in schools, with full groups and regular hours, as well as the application of sports and artistic activities, under biosecurity measures.

Thousands of children and young people began to rejoin the classrooms, after practically 2 years of having been out of them, which generated an attendance of over 90% of students throughout the State.

At the same time, the psychologists implemented a strategy to support and monitor them, in coordination with the educational authority, to care for children and young people alike.

“We have already started with the CBTAs, we have already started to train both students and teachers. We also train psychology students from the UADY faculty. We are going to go, gradually, to educational levels, both with children, adolescents and at a higher level”, concluded Patricia Gil, president of the College of Psychologists of Yucatan


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