Paradigms have been broken about women’s participation in the construction industry

Silvia Sánchez Molina assures that paradigms have been broken about women’s participation in in the construction industry.

Geovanna García, Silvia Sánchez, and Maribel Miceli have something in common: they all work in the construction industry, in different areas of that sector, one of the most important for the economic reactivation of Yucatán.

With more than 40 years of work experience in construction, Silvia Sánchez Molina assures that paradigms have been broken regarding the participation of women in this industry, since today we see more women leading construction companies and directing road works, bridges, bypasses, public buildings, and real estate complexes.

Silvia was the only woman in her generation of Civil Engineers at the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY), she faced resistance from her family and from people in general, in this profession. Today from a distance she is the role model for more and more women in this activity.

For her part, the former national coordinator of Women Entrepreneurs of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC) Maribel Miceli Maza, highlighted that efforts are currently being made in the Chamber to promote the opening and inclusion of the female gender in the industry, so in recent years the number of members in this body went from representing 4 percent to 14 percent of the total.

She highlighted that currently the participation of women is not only limited to the architecture or engineering areas but also covers other specialties within the construction field such as public accounting, business administration, which also have to do with the industry.

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