Motul college student warns other women to beware of men aboard old-model Chevrolet truck


An Electromechanical Engineering student from the Higher Technological Institute of Motul denounced that the driver of a pick-up truck began to follow her when she left school and asks other women in Motul to be very careful.

Cassandra Manrique denounced on her social networks that the driver of a gray Chevrolet old model pick-up truck, with other men on board, began to follow her.

“I publish this post just to warn you to be careful because just a few minutes ago I left school and started walking to look for a trici-taxi when suddenly a truck started to follow me with 3 men,” the young woman posted on Wednesday 23 in Facebook.

“While I was walking down the street, these guys began to follow me. At that time I did not know what to do but kept walking, when I reacted I had the cell phone in my hand and I started recording, “she wrote on Facebook.

“When the subjects realized that I was recording them, they moved forward and stopped following me,” she added.

In the video, which was recorded on Motul’s Calle 7, it can be seen that the driver was in the opposite lane and exactly behind the young university student.

“The truth is I don’t know what they were looking for… girls, I just ask you to be very careful, since I don’t know if they were just morbid men or what intentions they had,” Cassandra Manrique added.

“I felt very afraid, it was an ugly moment, so I’m just warning the women of Motul to be careful” she concluded.

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