Mexico’s Army and Air Force recognize the work of military women

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The Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), through the X Military Region and 32/a. Military Zone, within the framework of International Women’s Day, makes an extensive acknowledgment to the female personnel that belongs to the Mexican Army and Air Force.

(SEDENA).- The presence of female personnel in the military is a historic achievement that endorses the institutional commitment of the Mexican Army to guarantee equal opportunities for men and women who belong to this Secretariat.

In 1934, the Mexican Army officially named the first woman in active service, as a first-class attendant in the General Quartermaster of the Army; however, it was not until March 21, 1938, when the School for Army Nurses was created, that the presence of women in the Mexican Army was consolidated, later they entered the Military School of Dentistry, the Military Medical School and the Military School of Transmission Classes.

In 2007, as part of the actions undertaken by the Ministry of National Defense, women had access to the Superior War School, the Heroic Military College, the Air College, the Military School of Engineers, the Military School of Transmissions, and Transmission Classes. and in the year 2021 to the Infantry, Cavalry, and Armored Weapon’s factory.

Currently, military women actively participate in labors of social proximity, in activities to support the public security structure, social work, application of the DN-III-E Plan, among other military actions.

The woman who belongs to the ranks of the Mexican Army is respected and valued, her preparation, perseverance and effort guarantee her the achievement of personal objectives, that is why in the Mexican Army and Air Force gender equality is a reality, therefore that the culture of promotion, respect, protection and its guarantee, are part of the daily work of military personnel.

In this sense, the Ministry of National Defense has created the Observatory for Equality between Women and Men of the Mexican Army and Air Force with a Gender Perspective, as well as the Office for the Attention of Victims of Harassment and Sexual Harassment, organizations which main objective is to implement actions aimed at preventing and eliminating any form of discrimination based on gender and ensuring equal opportunities for women and men in the Mexican Army and Air Force.

Likewise, different academic events are held on issues of: Perspective, equity, and gender equality, Harassment and Sexual Harassment, Family Violence, Reconciliation of family, professional and work life, Discrimination, and Empowerment of women.

With these actions, the Mexican Army and Air Force ratify their commitment to guarantee human rights, offer men and women the same opportunities through their gender equity policy.

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