Mexico is at the lowest levels of infections since the start of the health emergency two years ago

The covid-19 pandemic in Mexico is at the lowest levels since the start of the health emergency two years ago, Hugo López Gatell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, assured on Tuesday, March 22nd.

TYT.- “All the indicators are at the lowest levels since the beginning of the pandemic,” the official said during the morning press conference at the National Palace.

The undersecretary reported that there are already eight consecutive weeks of reduction in the covid-19 pandemic figures.

Although he acknowledged that this situation is subject to low transmission conditions, he assured: “Surely, we will reach a point of the minimum activity that will last several weeks.”

He clarified that to the extent that there is an epidemic activity in other parts of the world, there is also the possibility that there could also be a reactivation of transmission in the American continent.

The official stated that at the national level the average occupancy of general beds in Mexican hospitals stands at 7% and that of intensive care at 5% with a downward trend.

In addition, he indicated that last week there was a 97% reduction in hospital occupancy, while mortality shows a 96% decrease.

He explained that one of the crucial elements that have affected the reduction of the pandemic indicators has to do with vaccination since so far more than 188.53 million doses have been applied with 90% coverage and he did not rule out that there are still people who have not been vaccinated and look for the antigen.

He recalled that 87% of the entire population in the range to be vaccinated already has the complete vaccination schedule, while during this week all the states of the country remain at a green traffic light, that is, the minimum risk of contagion.

Mexico has so far more than 5.6 million cases and accumulates 322,107 deaths due to covid-19.

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