Mexican transnational company “Bimbo” suspends operations in Russia

(Photo: @GrupoBimbo)

On Monday, March 14th, Grupo Bimbo announced that the company is suspending distribution operations, sales, investments and marketing in Russia, due to the war in Ukraine.

“We will continue to monitor and evaluate the situation as circumstances evolve,” he says in the brief statement.

With this, Bimbo becomes the first Mexican company to suspend commercial relations with Russia.

After the outbreak of the war, countries imposed sanctions on Russia, but the Mexican government specified that it would not do so or intervene to send weapons, since it is “pacifist.”

Bimbo arrived in this country in 2017 with the acquisition of East Balt Bakeries, one of the leading companies in the QSR industry. Russia is the largest country in the world, covering one seventh of the earth’s surface, and it was a huge achievement for the Mexican company to establish itself there five years ago.

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