Mexican Airline sends dog to another destination by mistake

(Photo: Sipse)

What a bitter experience for Jorge Tuyub, owner of Lucas, when they were supposed to travel to Mexico City, but the canine was sent to Guadalajara instead.

(Sipse) Mérida, Yucatán.- A dog was sent to Jalisco by mistake, and the error was denounced by Jok Jorge Tuyub on Facebook, who was really upset with Volaris Airlines.

“Volaris lost my dog. It was documented in the city of Merida bound for CDMX, but they put him on a plane to Guadalajara by mistake, it was a very unpleasant 10-hour wait, but finally, he is home now,” Jorge wrote on Facebook.

As the hours passed, everything became clearer. It turns out that “Lucas” was sent to Guadalajara by error. Fortunately, the destination is not that far from the Mexican capital, so the dog was back with its owner in a matter of hours.

“The problem is that the animal was locked in its small carrier, without water or food for more than 12 hours”, the owner added.

“Volaris informs me that Lucas was accidentally sent to Guadalajara. But he is returning on flight Y4 5733, at 9:52 p.m. What a negligence of this airline!”

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