Mexican Air Force plane flies back to Mexico with 81 people who managed to leave Ukraine

Photo: Twitter

The Mexican Air Force flight to repatriate nationals who fled Ukraine returns to Mexico with dozens of people including Ukrainians and Ecuadorians

(Gobierno de México).- The Mexican Air Force (FAM) plane sent to Romania to repatriate Mexicans who managed to leave Ukraine is already flying back to Mexico.

The Boeing 737-800 took off minutes before 10:00 local time from Bucharest International Airport,

As when he started the outward journey, the plane will make stops in Ireland and Canada.

There are 81 people evacuated from different nationalities:

28 men and 16 women from Mexico
23 women and 5 men from Ukraine
5 men and two women from Ecuador
1 man from Peru
1 Australian
In addition, a Dachshund dog is on the plane too.

The total flight time of the humanitarian mission will be 20 hours, so the landing in Mexico City is expected in the evening of Friday, March 4th.

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