Merida’s White Night is ready to come back after the Pandemic

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

There is already a date for the new edition of the White Night in Mérida and it will be on Saturday, May 28th, confirmed the director of Culture of the City Council, Irving Berlin Villafaña, a little more than 2 months away, the organizing committee refines all the details so that that night cultural events reach all meridanos.

(TYT).- Berlin Villafaña specified that the White Night is being designed: “the team from the Department of Culture is working on all the details, they will have the opportunity to relive this event that will wake up the theater, the galleries, the museums, independent groups, restaurants, and the ‘Gua Gua’ transportation scheme, which has always been used in these events”.

“Regarding massive events, we are going to be especially careful, although we are already at a green light (with respect to the pandemic), in a process of practically careful normality, the city and the state are fortunate to have already had several days without deaths, which is extraordinary news,” he said.

The official said that they are scheduling work meetings with all parties: galleries, museums, theaters, with the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Seasoned Foods (Canirac) of Yucatan, among others.


Yucatecan artists will shine on the White Night
“We are going to design together with the artists a program that will be very worthwhile, it will be a night of identity, it is clear that in these times the artistic community has been one of the most vulnerable and we are going to continue supporting them as much as we can, as Mayor Renán Barrera Concha has instructed us. So in this edition will be of support to local talent”, the official assured.

Berlin Villafaña stated that the city of Mérida has high-quality artists, many of whom can be exported, this event will have an important impact on the local artistic community:

“The White Night is an artistic festivity in many ways, practically the museums, the theaters, the galleries, they design their own programs and we make a recount of the events that take place throughout the year of the most successful, the most vibrant that can be rescheduled.

Regarding which event will be in charge of closing the next White Night, he stated that several musical bands are being considered, but there is still no confirmation in this regard, so this information may be known in the coming weeks.

The Yucatan Times