Merida-Houston United Airlines flight schedule modified by daylight saving hours

(Photo: por esto)

On Monday, March 14th, the Mérida airport registered 36 scheduled operations, most to/from Mexico City

(TYT) Since Sunday, March 13th, the United Airlines flight to Houston that departs from the Mérida airport changed its schedule to adjust to the time zone of the neighboring country, and will now leave at 07:00 a.m., instead of 09:00 a.m.

For its part, Volaris decorated its counter with green, blue, and purple balloons on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of its foundation.

Regarding Monday’s activity at the airport, 36 operations were scheduled on time, and only one flight was delayed, the Volaris flight 572, which arrived half an hour late from Mexico City, that is, at 07:40.

None of the remaining flights reported delays or cancellations at the moment.

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