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Mauricio Vila represents Mexico at Brazil’s environment, climate change, and sustainable development 12th annual summit

by Yucatan Times
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Vila Dosal holds the Vice Presidency of the Governors’ Climate, Forests and Jungles Task Force (GCF Task Force)

(GCFF) Manaus, Brazil, March 15, 2022.- As part of the commitment that he assumed from the beginning of his mandate, to work in the care of the environment, sustainable development and climate change, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal traveled to Manaus- Amazonas, in Brazil, to participate and represent Mexico in the 12th Annual Meeting of the Group of Governors on Climate, Forests and Jungles: “Forests, Jungles, Society and Economy: New Development Models for the Future of the Planet”.

Since last year, Governor Vila Dosal was formally elected to the Vice Presidency of the Governors’ Climate, Forests and Jungles Task Force (GCF Task Force), which has led him to participate, along with the President of GCF TF Global , Wilson Miranda Lima, Governor of the state of Amazonas, Brazil, in the implementation of a series of strategies called the Manaus Action Plan.

Vila Dosal will be accompanied by Sayda Rodríguez Gómez, Secretary of Sustainable Development (SDS) and the expenses of both, which include flight, lodging, transportation and food, will be in charge of the GCF, since Governor Vila is Vice President of the organization and his assistance is important. .

The Manaus Action Plan is a document whose result is a global effort to promote low-emission development, reduce tropical deforestation and create economies based on forests and jungles, as well as protect the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities. in all member states.

The Governor will be at this important meeting on March 16th and 17th. In total there are 36 member states of the GCF NETWORK from 9 countries; There are 7 member states of Mexico, which will be represented by Governor Vila Dosal, which demonstrates and reaffirms the leadership that he has exercised on this issue.

 In addition to Yucatan, the other 6 Mexican states attending are: Chiapas, Campeche, Tabasco, Jalisco, Quintana Roo and Oaxaca.

It must be remembered that the Maya jungle is the second largest tropical forest in America, after the Amazon, with more than 20 different ecosystems; it provides shelter to big cats, such as the cougar, margay, ocelot, jaguar, and jaguarundi, as well as countless rare and endangered species. Also, it concentrates 30% of biodiversity, with the highest rates in the country, representing 21% of the national territory, so it is interesting to protect this important green lung and turn this into employment opportunities, taking care of natural capital. .

This strategy contemplates channeling 30 million US dollars between the 7 Mexican states, for the next 5 years, under a focus of supporting communities that carry out sustainable activities, and environmental knowledge and education.

In addition, an investment of 60 million US dollars will be attracted from companies or foundations, to develop projects that provide tools to exercise green practices, for the benefit of some 10,000 producers and about 30,000 indirect people, with a multiplier effect.

In this sense, last February Governor Vila signed an agreement with the non-governmental organization The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the United States Agency for International Development (Usaid), whose purpose is to implement actions for the conservation and protection of the Selva Maya, the second largest tropical forest in the American continent.

This agreement will be promoted within the Prosperous and Sustainable Communities Program, which means the largest union of work that has been carried out in this area and, as has been said, has a purse of 30 million dollars for the development of various actions .

Regarding the meeting in Amazonas, the governors and public officials of the states and provinces of the GCF Working Group, which together cover more than a third of the tropical forests and jungles of the world, will meet with leaders of the private sector , civil society, indigenous peoples, local communities, national governments and international organizations.

Its objective is to develop strategies and collaborative approaches to reduce deforestation in states and provinces with tropical forests and jungles, as well as reduce poverty, improve livelihoods, ensure rights and protect ancestral indigenous cultures, promote private investment and build based economies. in forests, jungles and low carbon emissions.

In this sense, Vila Dosal will participate in the GCF Task Force Executive Meeting in his capacity as Vice President and also in the General Meeting in which the Manaus Action Plan will be presented and signed, of which he has been one of its main promoters. .

It should be noted that, due to the pandemic, the annual face-to-face meeting was interrupted and is now being resumed to relaunch the projects that have been financed by this organization and others like it and that are also being carried out in Yucatan in sustainable rural development, among which stand out the sustainable entrepreneurship in the Mayan milpa, beekeeping, backyard orchards and Biocultural and innovative Payments for Environmental Services (PSA).

Governor Vila Dosal, as part of the meetings in which he will participate, will also manage financing to continue with the projects that are already being developed and that have allowed sustainable development in rural communities.

Thanks to the projects promoted and financed by the GCF, firm progress has been made in the development of strategies that promote Low Emissions Rural Development (LEDR) through financing windows A and B that have mobilized resources in the state greater than 1 million US dollars, for the achievement of emission reduction goals caused by deforestation and forest degradation.

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