March 4: International HPV Awareness Day

The International HPV Awareness Campaign is a key initiative of the International Papillomavirus Society (IPVS) which aims to increase public awareness of the virus as part of our mission to improve understanding of HPV and the importance of prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of papillomavirus-related diseases.

The campaign works from a belief that increasing public awareness and reducing the stigma of HPV is fundamental to the global effort to eliminate HPV and thereby to reduce the global cancer burden. By opening a conversation and providing people with the knowledge they need, the campaign aims to empower individuals and society to take effective action to reduce the harm caused by HPV.

Driven by passionate IPVS members and launched four years ago, International HPV Awareness Day on March 4th has grown to become part of the annual calendar for many organizations that are committed to addressing HPV-related cancer around the world. These organizations include over 110 civil society organizations in 52 countries that have signed up as operational campaign partners and who use our evidence-based, translated and peer-reviewed resources to build awareness of HPV within their communities.

In Mérida, Yucatán, due to the presence of the Human Papilloma Virus in the environment, women must undergo cytology at least once a year to take care of their health and in the case of men, it is necessary that in the event of any symptomatology they must go to the doctor to give the proper treatment, pointed out Dr. Alma Georgina Hernandez Alarcón of the ISSSTE Mérida Family Medicine Clinic, of Merida, where diagnostic and preventive actions are being carried out.

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