Large iguana bites a man who was collecting scrap metal and causes him to bleed profusely

(DY) CAMPECHE, March 12, 2022.- A large-size iguana, one of those known in the Yucatan Peninsula as “Tolok”, attacked a man in front of a house in the city of Campeche and caused him a considerable wound, from which he was bleeding profusely, and had to be treated by paramedics.

A 45-year-old man who collects scrap metal was surprised by the iguana, which suddenly bit him on the leg.

The peculiar event happened around noon on Monday, March 7th, when the man was walking on the sidewalk along Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta Avenue, on the corner with Veracruz Street in Campeche´s Santa Ana neighborhood.

As the man got too close to the animal, it suddenly turned around and went straight for the subject’s left leg, bitting him and removing a piece of flesh.

Passers-by managed to catch the iguana and tied it to the fence of a property. While the victim was bleeding and screaming in pain.

Paramedics arrived at the scene, treated the injured man, stopped the bleeding, and bandaged his left leg.

The wounded man left the place carrying the “Tolok” with him, while the owners of the house had to clean the pool of blood on the sidewalk.

TYT Newsroom