Laser hair removal business in Merida’s Uptown Plaza accused of fraud

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

Through social media, user Alicia Ojeda E. claims to have been victim of fraud at a laser hair removal business located in Plaza Uptown north of the city of Mérida.

(TYT).- Alicia’s husband decided to make a gift to his wife, a set of laser hair removal sessions, however, they changed their mind at the last minute, and canceled the service.

However, the business already had the customer’s credit card number, and without authorization they allegedly made several charges to that card.

“Yesterday my husband realized there was absolutely no money on our Scotiabank account, so he went to the bank and they told him that there charges made by this laser hair removal business,” declared Alicia.

In fact, the company made several changes, one for 4 thousand pesos, another for 600 pesos, one more than 1,200, another for 1,300, and finally, one for 1,201 pesos.

“To make matters worse, in social media there are several complaints against the same company branches around the country. Apparently, they have the same habit of stealing your credit card number and make charges, regardless of whether you took the service or not, ” Alicia explained.

The fraud victim assured that she is already approaching the corresponding authorities, in order to proceed legally against this company, and get her money back.

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