“La Plancha” park will feature multiple attractions

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The Mexican Army (SEDENA) will be in charge of the construction of the “La Plancha” park, as well as military and National Guard facilities, which will be built in other parts of Mérida, announced the governor of Yucatán, Mauricio Vila Dosal.

(Gobierno de Yucatan).- At a press conference, governor Mauricio Vila recalled that the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, decided to invest 1.4 billion pesos to build military facilities, a base and residences for the National Guard, as well as the La Plancha Park, after he endorsed that this project would take place in that space.

Vila Dosal also announced the consruction of the military and federal corporation facilities, as is the case of the three-hectare land that he donated during his administration as mayor of Mérida, in Caucel, which will be used to establish offices, while the current Municipal administration would donate another 7 hectares on the same site.

Also, he said that another seven hectares of ISSTEY land in Ciudad Industrial will be donated for this purpose.

He stressed that the La Plancha park project contemplates several citizen proposals presented previously, in order to generate a space that is profitable for citizens.

“The park would have squares, sports facilities, a skate park, a pet park, an auditorium for 10,000 people that would be used to carry out massive activities without causing havoc within Mérida. Also, it will have a food area, a lake for Yucatecan families to enjoy, green areas, etc, “he explained.

It will also have a covered linear walkway, along with other common walkways and three playground areas for children from 0 to 16 years old, divided by age, in addition to the installation of semi-fixed posts.

As for the houses that are on the site, Vila Dosal said that these will be relocated in the same sector.

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