Intense temperatures of more than 40 degrees are expected in Campeche

(Photo: Noventa grados)

Given the increase in fires in various municipalities of the state, authorities warned the population that the danger could increase due to dry vegetation and high temperatures during this season.

(Campeche, Mexico).- According to information from the Forest Fire Management Department of the National Forestry Commission, constant monitoring of hot spots in the state is maintained, since spontaneous ignitions can occur when a flammable material, such as haystacks , manure or compost reach a temperature high enough to cause combustion.

However, authorities said that not all the fault lies with nature, since on February 25 more than 8,900 hectares were affected in two forest fires that occurred in the municipality of Palizada, which were caused by poachers. , and in other cases it is due to negligence and carelessness, in practices for which sufficient precautionary measures have not been adopted or that are beyond human control but that equally affect the environment.

Although at the moment there are no active forest fires, authorities did alert inhabitants that more of these fires are expected, since in Campeche the high temperatures could be exceeded since a critical outlook is expected for this year’s drought period, since that there is a lot of accumulated combustible material, which is of high risk, to spread forest fires in the state, added to the fact that the ‘La Niña’ phenomenon will affect temperatures and rainfall below average.

The Yucatan Times