‘Immersive Frida Kahlo’ an exhibition that explores the intimacy of the iconic Mexican artist

(Photo: La Jornada)

The legacy of world-renowned Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is on display at Immersive Frida Kahlo exhibition, in select cities across the United States, and her relatives, Mara Romeo Kahlo and Mara de Anda, hope the public will find themselves in the history of the artist.

(EFE).- “We want everyone to feel Frida, to know more about the life of the artist but also about the person she was and that despite anything that one could be going through, everyone feels that it is possible to get in touch with the Frida Kahlo that we all carry inside,” De Anda told EFE.

The exhibition traces the painter’s legacy, her relationship with her “three great loves” who were “her family, love and Diego Rivera, as well as a series of historical and cultural events that helped shape her worldview as an artist”, says Romeo Kahlo, .

For Mara Romeo it is important that people can access the life of her great-aunt from her humanity, from events little known to the public, such as her altruistic work and her desire to support women in vulnerable situations.

“She, with her grandmother, gave help to more than 500 single women, it was not a foundation but something similar (there were no foundations of any kind in Mexico back then), they gave them basic food products and in some way they always helped many people, Frida had an incredibleand kind heart”, says Romeo Kahlo.

For this reason, part of the profits will be donated to charity, as they consider it important that any project that exploits the image of Frida Kahlo must respond to the convictions and principles in which the painter believed.

Thanks to today’s technology, the exhibition also enhances the artist’s discourse and helps those who do not know her have an interest in discovering her better, as an artist and as a human being.

“This new way of expressing art invites new generations and people who don’t know Frida to learn more about her, it’s the first step to make you want to go to a museum to see an original piece,” Mara Romeo continued.

In addition, they believe that the exhibition is a unique experience due to the emotions and sensations that some of the works give when they are presented in large formats and are accompanied by music and motion.

“The painting known as “Dorothy Hale’s Suicide” is incredible, you have the feeling that you are also falling from the building, as if you can feel yourself plunging into the abyss”, says Mara Romeo.

While the painting “What the water left me” had a great impact: “You feel inside the tub, and as if you are part of the picture”, De Anda says.

The exhibition is already available in American cities such as Boston, Houston, Chicago and Dallas and in March it will arrive in Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Toronto, Canada.

Although they know the artist’s work very well, mother and daughter assure that they have been able to approach Kahlo’s life in a different way in each exhibition that takes place, since they they are somehow part of the Frida Inmersiva exhibition in Mexico City , which is different from what is happening now in the United States.

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