Huge steel anchor unearthed in the Malecon of Progreso

Heavy machinery used in the renovation works broke the pavement and found the anchor.

(DY) PROGRESO, YUC.- An old steel anchor that would have an approximate weight of 1.2 tons, with a height of just over three meters, was found Tuesday afternoon on the traditional boardwalk.

How did the anchor appear in Progress?
Heavy machinery in charge of the renovation works broke the pavement that apparently covered the anchor. It is believed that it belonged to a steamship that arrived at the port about 100 years ago.

The anchor was off 76th Street and was removed. Due to its weight, it will receive maintenance in a special way to try to find data that indicates dates, according to Canán Góngora Ortegón, director of Municipal Public Services.

Although the discovery took place on Tuesday morning, it was not until after 3:00 p.m. that workers managed to unearth the anchor from the rubble.

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