Get ready to see the conjunction of Venus, Mars, and Saturn with the Moon in the skies of Yucatán

(Photo: Sipse)

Just a few days ago we enjoyed the beautiful view of the so-called Worm Moon in Yucatán, which preceded the spring equinox, and this Monday, March 28th, there will be another beautiful astronomical event, when the conjunction of Venus will take place, Mars and Saturn with the Moon.

Mérida, Yucatán.- The special event will take place this Monday, March 28th and can be seen from 3:30 in the morning, Mexico City time, which governs Yucatan.

To observe this phenomenon, you must look to the East, that is, towards the Gulf of Mexico. To do so, no astronomical instrument is required and it can be observed with the naked eye.

Saturn joins the group of planets that had aligned on February 27th, so we can see four planets and the Moon, in interesting planetary conjunction.

How to see the planetary conjunction?
The planetary conjunction on Monday, March 28th will be visible in all the places where you see the Moon and its companions rising in the East.

Using binoculars to see the planetary conjunction will make the experience much more attractive, but it is not necessary to use them because the phenomenon can be seen “with the naked eye”.

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