From March 24th to 26th Yucatan will welcome the construction sector from all over the country

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Directors of the CMIC Yucatan announce the Construction Expo and the National Forum on Sustainable Infrastructure

(Yucatán al Instante) MÉRIDA, Yuc., March 15th, 2022.- Yucatán will host three important events from March 24th to 26th, when it receives directors from the 44 delegations of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry, leaders of the business leadership, governors, legislators and academics, who will address relevant issues to use the construction sector as the detonator of economic growth in the country.

Topics such as sustainable infrastructure, logistics, energy and the exhibition of cutting-edge machinery, equipment and technology will be on the scene of this construction summit, which will attract the national spotlight during the three days of the event. The venue is the Yucatán Siglo XXI Convention Center.

Among the guests are: Francisco Cervantes Díaz, president of the Business Coordinating Council; José Abugaber Adonie, president of Concamin; Francisco Solares Alemán, national president of the CMIC; Ramón Medrano Ibarra, president of the National Chamber of Freight Transportation; the legislators Manuel Rodríguez González and Marcos Medina Filigrana, president of the Energy Commission and secretary of the Infrastructure Commission of the Lower House of Congress, as well as the host governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, among other personalities.

Likewise, the Secretaries of Communications and Transport of the Government, Jorge Arganis Díaz Leal, and of Energy, Rocío Nahle García, also received their invitations to attend the event.

At a press conference headed by Raúl Monforte González and Víctor May Vera, presidents of the Steering Committee and the Consultative Committee of the CMIC Yucatán Delegation, respectively, the details of the events to be held in Mérida were announced.

The first event will be the Yucatan Construction Expo, which reaches its 24th edition and has established itself as the most important exhibition of its kind in the southeast of the country. 70 local, national and international exhibitors from countries such as Brazil, Japan and China will participate in it, with the best of their products, services, machinery and equipment, from Thursday 24 to Saturday 26 March.

At the Expo, whose motto is “Great businesses in construction” and which returns in person, the latest trends in the industry will be exhibited, access to exclusive offers will be available and builders will find their main suppliers in the value chain in a space of 7 thousand square meters of exhibition. An attendance of six thousand people is expected during the three days. Admission is completely free and pre-registration is open on the event’s website,

On Friday, March 25th, the National Forum “Sustainable Infrastructure, Pillar for the Development and Well-being of Mexico” will be divided in three panel tables:

  • “Efficient Logistics Infrastructure for a Competitive and Connected Mexico”
  • “Energetic Sovereignty for a Sustainable Future” 
  • “Infrastructure, Economic Engine and Welfare”

With the participation of prominent specialists, directors of the country’s business leadership, officials and legislators will participate.

Prior to the third panel table, there will be a master conference called: “Infrastructure as a Trigger for Growth and Prosperity with Justice and Equity”, which will be supported by Iván Arias Gallegos, director of Economic Studies at Citibanamex.

On the same Friday, the 25th, the General Assembly and the swearing-in of the CMIC National Board of Directors will be held, which will be attended by the presidents of the 44 delegations that the Chamber has in the country. 

Saturday, March 26th will be the closing day of the Construction Expo, an event that will be open to the public during the three days and that will be carried out respecting all the health protocols established by the authorities.

The following guests will participate in the panel tables:

-Panel Table 1: “Efficient Logistics Infrastructure for a Competitive and Connected Mexico”. Eng. Víctor Ortiz Ensástegui, Vice President of Public-Private Associations of the CMIC; dip. Marcos Medina Filigrana, secretary of the Infrastructure Commission of the Chamber of Deputies; Ing. Ramón Medrano Ibarra, president of the National Chamber of Freight Transportation, and Mr. Carlos Ortiz, president of Grupo Caxxor. The moderator will be the teacher Adrián Gallardo.

-Table Panel 2: “Energy Sovereignty for a Sustainable Future”. dip. Manuel Rodríguez González, president of the Energy Commission of the Chamber of Deputies; Ing. Sergio Oviedo Roa, director of Business Development ICA, and Dr. Adrián Fernández Bremauntz, executive director of the Mexico Climate Initiative. The moderator will be Eng. Marcos Orduña Alcocer, National Vice President of Energy Infrastructure.

-Panel Table 3: “Infrastructure: Economic and Welfare Engine”. Lic. Francisco Cervantes Díaz, president of the CCE; Lic. José Abugaber Andonie, president of Concamin, and Ing. Francisco Javier Solares Alemán, national president of the CMIC. The moderator will be the teacher Adrián Gallardo.

Tickets for the Forum are available for sale at the site, where all the updates that may be given to the event program will also be available.

“Construction is the great hope for the country’s economic recovery and that is where we must focus our efforts, both the government and the private sector,” concluded engineer Monforte González.

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