Four-year-old girl among the 2 fatalities left by Covid in the last 24 hours

A girl just 4 years old is among the 2 fatalities left by the coronavirus in the last 24 hours in Yucatan. The other is an 81-year-old woman, according to the Ministry of Health.

(SIPSE) The number of new infections increased, because while there were only 11 on March 7, on March 8, the figure went up to 20, however, the number of hospitalized patients decreased, from 30 to 28.

According to the report issued by the authorities, of the 20 new positive cases, 8 were registered in Mérida, 4 in Umán, 3 in Valladolid and 1 in Izamal, Maxcanú, Opichén, Progreso and Tixkokob.

In this way, there are already 109,501 cases accumulated in almost two years of pandemic in Yucatan, and 93 percent of that figure (102,253) corresponds to people who have already recovered from the coronavirus.

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