Four Volaris flights were delayed today at the Merida International Airport

The August 2016 U.S.-Mexico air accord, which modified a 1960 agreement, removed the numerical limitations on the number of airlines that may provide passenger service between all U.S.-Mexico cities. (Photo:

The Mérida International Airport has scheduled more than 30 flights for today Monday, March 7, however, four of these flights were delayed.

With four delayed flights from the Volaris company, that’s how the day began this week at the Mérida International Airport, in the capital of Yucatán.

The first is Y4448 from Tijuana, which arrived one hour late, causing flight Y4266 to Oaxaca to take off at almost 07:00.

The same plane returns to Mérida with the flight number Y4267 without being able to adjust its usual schedule and leaves for Mexico City shortly after 11:00 as Y4449, to Tijuana.

Of the 32 operations scheduled for today until 4:00 p.m. on the morning shift, 12 are to Mexico City, 6 from Aeroméxico, 3 from VivaAerobus, and one from Magnicharters; the other destinations are Monterrey, Houston, Miami, and Cancun.

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