Firefighters control fire in Kanasin, Yucatan

Kanasin fire (photo: Yucatan al Instante)

The timely intervention of agents of the Kanasín Municipal Police and the Fire Department prevented a fire from getting out of control and completely burning down a house in Colonia Mulchechen 1 on Monday, Feb. 28.

KANASIN, YUCATAN (FEB. 28, 2022).- According to the official report, the events occurred in the aforementioned neighborhood when unit 0259 of the municipal corporation carried out a surveillance tour and noticed that smoke was coming out of a house on the corner of Calle 62-A street with 70 and 63, for what they proceeded to put out the fire immediately, which originated in the room apparently due to a short circuit in the television.

The fire was put out and prevented from spreading to other parts of the house. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

TYT Newsroom