Feminists take the skies of Mexico City on the eve of International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, a group of women from Mexico City took to the sky, launching a zeppelin-type balloon against gender violence with the legends “10 daily femicides” and “None in Forgetfulness”.

In social networks, hundreds of women are sharing a number of photos of the balloon in different iconic places of the nation’s capital.

Through a video shared by Instagram, feminists expressed their feelings prior to this demonstration.

“We fly with pain in the sky because we are all in heaven. We fly because the sky has no owner or government” reads the Instagram post.

“The balloon represents liberation from a society that submits to gender, and the sky represents space without borders”.

“We fly because in the sky there are no geographical borders, just as there are no time borders or borders between life and death. We fly because we are all in the heights. From heaven, we speak to them and we speak to you, to everyone. Our murdered sisters live in each one of us, they exist in our memory and in our bodies: none of them have been forgotten. As women, we have always been told what to do and how to do it, but not anymore” … (part of audio on Instagram)

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