Family experiences moments of anguish after sharks approached their boat (Watch Video)

(Photo: El Heraldo)

A video went viral on social media where a group of people experienced moments of anguish when they saw how a couple of sharks approaching their boat.

(El Heraldo).- The events were recorded on the beaches of Xcalak, Quintana Roo and according to the images, two sharks approached the small boat.

How did the shocking moment happen?
According to the video posted by ‘Qué Poca Madre’ on Youtube, at least 4 people were on the boat when one of the sharks unexpectedly approached. Later, the first shark leaves and another approached the boat.

Given this situation, the crew show alarm and begin to scream when they see the huge animal swimming near the boat, which appears to be a hammerhead shark.

Meanwhile, a man, who is believed to be the captain of the boat, asks the passengers to calm down in the face of the distressing situation.

Later, the presumed captain decides to move slowly from the place where the marine animals were to take the people to a safe place.

Were there any injuries?
According to social media reports, the people who were traveling on the boat were a family on vacation in Quintana Roo; and fortunately, no one was injured after the distressing situation.

In Xcalak it is very common to see hammerhead sharks, as they feel comfortable swimming in shallow waters, although they can go deep in search of food.

In addition, this kind of marine animal can measure between four and six meters and usually weigh between 230 and 450 kilos, according to National Geographic.

Their diet is carnivorous and they usually eat smaller fish. In fact, they do not usually attack human beings, as no attacks of hammerheads against people have been reported so far in Xcalak.

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