Diving business got shot in Playa del Carmen, apparently, they denied to pay “protection fee”

(Photo: Noticaribe)

No injuries were reported, but the authorities are investigating a possible relationship with the extortion charge that continues to affect businesses of all types in the municipality of Solidaridad.

(TYT).- The attack took place on Thursday, March around 10:40 a.m. when a man fired his firearm at a business selling diving equipment located at the intersection of 45th Avenue and 24th Street in Playa’s Gonzalo Guerrero neighborhood.

After the report, the Municipal Police went to the place and found signs on the wall of the premises, so they cordoned off the area to preserve the signs and informed the FGE Ministerial Investigative Police.

Apparently, it was a single person who fired the shots at the business, but the authority was unable to capture him, as this fact could be attributed to the collection of ‘protection fees’, an aspect of organized crime that continues to affect merchants and businessmen.

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