Crying reveals a baby locked inside a car in Cancun

Photo: SIPSE

The cries warned the private security guards of a supermarket about the presence of a baby locked inside a car, parked at Supermanzana 315 in Cancun: his parents had left him there while they did their shopping.

(SSP).- According to preliminary information, the events occurred on the evening of Tuesday, March 8, 2022, when the 911 emergency number received a report about a baby locked inside a white Figo-type car, parked in front of a supermarket.

Private security agents from the supermarket told the police that, after discovering the minor because of his crying, they notified customers through the voice system about the case of the baby locked in the car, but since no one came, they made the call to the emergency number 911.

Given this situation, the police officers, with the help of a private security agent from the supermarket, opened the passenger door and rescued the baby.

The presence of paramedics from the Red Cross was even requested to check on the newborn’s state of health, who fortunately was stable and it was not necessary to take him to a hospital.

Two hours after the rescue, the parents of the baby locked in the car appeared and it was discovered why they had not responded to calls over the supermarket’s audio system: they were foreigners and do not speak Spanish.

The baby’s parents told the police that they did not understand when they reported the vehicle through the sound of the store and that is why they continued with their shopping.

The police officers handed over the baby to the parents, but not before calling their attention to the carelessness and warning them not to leave their baby locked inside a car ever again.

The Yucatan Times



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