Business Class Flights Under $750 From the US To Mexico 

Cozumel International Airport (Photo: Noticaribe)

Do you want to travel in style without completely blowing the budget? Travel Off Path has found Business class flights under $750 from the U.S. to Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Not only is this a great time to vacation to these popular destinations because of the weather. But both of these countries have very relaxed Covid restrictions. 

We found these deals on Google Flights. If you haven’t used Google Flights before, take a few minutes to play around on the site. It is a powerful tool for searching flights. It has an intricate filter system that allows the most flexible travelers to find incredible deals. If you are less flexible, the engine will still show you all of the available flights on the days you wish to travel.

It also has a tracking system that will allow you to track the price of a specific route and book at the cheapest time. For this article we went to the explore tab and searched for flights anytime in the next 6 months. 

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