Astronomical phenomenon in March, the ‘Worm Moon’ will be visible in Yucatan

Beautiful sunset in Chelem. Photo via Twitter by Eglain Lopez Luna @emoon56

The Winter will culminate with the summer equinox which will occur on March 20th.

Although it is not a visible phenomenon, the month will begin with a new Moon. From the second day the satellite cannot be seen since it is in a phase where the illuminated side is facing away from the earth.

On March 18, the full Moon will begin, popularly known as the Worm Moon, it is the last time in winter that this phase is recorded and it will be the first supermoon of the year, so it will be seen bigger and brighter.

One day before spring begins, the vernal equinox will be recorded. On March 20 the Sun will position itself in the terrestrial Ecuador and the night will have the same duration as the day. This phenomenon marks the end of winter.

The astronomical phenomena of March culminate on the 28th with a planetary conjunction between Venus, Saturn and Jupiter, this means that in the sky the Moon will be seen in the last quarter and three bright stars will be seen because the planets are at a greater distance. short than normal. This show can be seen without the need for a telescope.  

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