Art unites the path of 10 visual Yucatecan women creators

(photo: yucatán al instante)

With the theme of women, 10 visual creators present their proposals in the exhibition “Uniendo Caminos” by the EmigrArte collective, which opened at the “Juanita Canché” Gallery in Ticul, as part activities to recognize the work of this sector.

Mérida, Yucatán, March 10, 2022.- Each of the painters used different techniques, with which they show their perception as variable and versatile; on this occasion, the group gave itself the freedom to share diverse visions on the same topic, in acrylic, oil, gouache, watercolor and mixed media.

The exhibition encompasses a chaotic mixture of light and color, which enhances the gaze, reveals so many worlds and intertwines the paths that the creators have been forming, over time in their trajectories and that converge in this exhibition.

“Joining paths” recounts the meeting point between their forms of expression and malleable color palettes, between warm and cold, that drive the formation of these worlds, shape the imagination and open the doors to great artists, who are active in the cultural sphere of Yucatan.

It includes “Where I am from and where I am going”, “Divine and resplendent” and “Soñando despierta”, by Lissi Vega (Altair); “The moons of Gáldur”, “The traveler” and “Whispering paradoxes”, by Anadett Domínguez, and “When there is no other”, “Mujeres”, “Mujeres 2” and an untitled piece, by Lucía Lundt.

Also, “Voice of the mountains”, “Loss of homeland”, “Genesis” and “Birth of the mountains”, by Carmen de Urquijo; “Agricultor of life”, “The emigrate of the ovum” and “Window to another dimension”, by Maiden Olguín, and “The amphibian woman (self-portrait)” and “The most expensive masks”, by Alejandra Hernández Garduño.

Likewise, “Imaginate the impossible”, “Alto” ​​and “Caminando”, by Karina Gamboa; Nefertari Navarrete Sequera participates with “Esperas”, “Crías” “Sueltas” and “La mujer y la Llave de Ella”; Jessica Magaña, with “Danzantes en llamas”, and Dalila Navarrete Nañez, “Proteción”.

The collective emerged in January 2021, with the purpose of creating spaces where artists can present their work, evolve professionally, form a community and learn from each other, as they go along.

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