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An intense 2022 hurricane season is coming to Yucatán.

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The presence of a major hurricane, considered “catastrophic,” is predicted.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán – According to the Mayan forecasts, this 2022 is expected to be a very active rainy year and cyclonic season, a normal drought, and the presence of cold fronts in time and form said UADY meteorologist Juan Vázquez Montalvo.

He added that the presence of some “catastrophic” event, such as the presence of a hurricane, which could affect crops and health, is predicted.

Vázquez Montalvo said that these predictions coincide with long-term mathematical forecasts that predict an intense cyclone season in which one of these phenomena could harm the State.

The specialist recalled that the rain forecast indicated that there would be rain in the first weeks of January, February, and March, and in April up to the second week, which caused the drought not to come early as expected. He continued, “in the first two weeks of May, the rains would not be torrential. In June, the tropical cyclone season will begin in time and form. The second week with many rains of cyclonic origin, which could cause some of these phenomena to affect the entity, or a tropical depression with a lot of water can also be expected, which would cause floods “like those left by Cristobal in 2020”.

The meteorologist stated that the dust from the Sahara would arrive in mid-July, causing a significant rainfall, which marks the beginning of the “canícula,” considered a period of intermediate drought during the rainy season.

“The “canícula” will not last long because the cabañuelas indicate that the rains will start from the first days in August. By the third week, we are talking about rains caused by tropical cyclones. We must remember that the hurricane season has two stages, one that starts on June 1 and ends on July 30, the second one is at the end of August, which is the most intense”, he explained.

The rainy season should end on October 15. However, it is predicted to rain in the first week of November, extending until the penultimate month of the year. Regarding December, there is talk that there will be an active cold front season at least at the beginning of that month.

During the observation process carried out by the “Xok K’iin” collective to make these predictions known, he indicated that it was possible to see the formation of the “helon” cloud that projects the colors of the rainbow. For the Mayans, cabañuelas means or is related to catastrophic events such as disasters in the fields of health problems. Still, it can be translated as a powerful cyclone or hurricane for the State.

According to the specialist in the subject, compared to the mathematical models, these have a particular relation with what was said. According to these, they speak of a normal drought of above-average and extensive rains that would end until November, an active tropical cyclone season above the average of 14, and point to a possible formation of an intense hurricane.

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