AMLO billboard in Merida: a flagrant electoral crime

A billboard was placed on Circuito Colonias in Mérida to request a vote in favor of AMLO’s permanence on the revocation of the mandate

In several of the main cities in the country, leaders of affiliated associations of the Morena party and of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, started to place billboards asking them to vote in favor of AMLO, and Merida was no exception.

The billboard with the huge face of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador on the photo was placed in Colonia San Damián, but most likely a number of billboards are going to start popping up throughout the city.

The fact this occurs when there is supposed to be an electoral silence decreed by the National Electoral Institute means that whoever paid for those billboards is committing a flagrant electoral crime.

Evidently, President López Obrador, and the Morena party demerit and do not abide by the decisions of the National Electoral Institute: INE, it is most likely that nothing will happen. That is to say, no authorities will remove the billboards or do anything about it.

The revocation of mandate (referendum) will take place on April 10 and is reduced to a question:

Does the voter want the president to stay to finish his term or leave office?

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