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America Movil to Launch 5G Network in Mexico

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5G is still a topic that goes vastly understood by the general public. Although, despite this, this hasn’t stopped innovative companies that recognise the potential of 5G from beginning its implementation. The famous sentiment from Apple CEO Steve Jobs rings true here, with businesses opting to take the approach of giving customers something that they don’t even know they need.

The latest company at the forefront of 5G innovation is America Movil with their recent decision to launch a 5G network in Mexico, and this is going to be just one of the exciting 5G projects that are set to come within the next few decades. Let’s take a look at the whole situation surrounding America Movil and 5G in general.

What Is 5G?
To give a brief explanation of 5G technology as well as the benefits that it entails; 5G is the next generation of broadband that has the capabilities to provide people all over the world with ultra-fast speeds and unbeatable connection times.

Of course, 5G is much more than just this, but in its simplest form, 5G is just a better version of the broadbands we currently have available to us now. However, as a stark contrast to this, you may have heard the various rumours about how 5G is terrible or caught wind of the myriad of conspiracy theories surrounding the subject.

If you have, don’t worry. 5G is nothing to worry about, and it poses the same danger that current 3G and 4G networks give off. 5G is being implemented all over the world even as we speak, and if there were any potential dangers for this innovative technology, you can be certain that companies wouldn’t be willing to spend billions of dollars on its implementation worldwide.

When it comes to the actual benefits of 5G, as we mentioned before, the primary and most notable feature is its incredibly fast speeds, and some people even cite 5G as being fifty times faster than the best broadbands we currently have available to us now.

In addition to this, another massive aspect that makes 5G so enticing to business owners and investors is its potential to be used on future devices that we are not even aware of. Talk about thinking ahead. There may be some kind of tech in the future that needs the speeds offered by 5G just to function, and having 5G tech on hand when this day arrives is going to speed up humanity’s progress drastically.

The Online Gaming Community Is In For a Treat
If you are looking to take advantage of the latest Amatic casinos or the most bandwidth-intensive games, then 5G is going to be a godsend. Out of all of the types of people that will be affected by 5G, gamers will perhaps gain the most benefit, and the difference 5G is going to be able to make in the gaming industry and subsequently the gaming community is, as yet, unfathomable.

Residents of Mexico will now be able to play all of their favourite games with an internet connection that is near-perfect, and for demanding games that require a fast connection speed in order to function properly, this is going to be enormously beneficial.

To give one example, let’s take the popular FPS franchise Call Of Duty. If you are playing an online match and come across a player with a much better internet connection than you, you could potentially lose the fight before you even know what is happening.

However, with 5G, this is now going to be a thing of the past. No longer will gamers be able to blame their bad internet connection instead of their lack of skill, and the notion of games being laggy is no longer going to be an issue.

So, if you are a gamer yourself and happen to live in Mexico, you are going to be in for a wild ride, and you should take advantage of this new opportunity in order to give yourself the best gaming experience possible.

5G Is The Future
America Movil, as well as a near-endless list of other companies, believe that 5G is the future. 5G is the natural progression of our current way of transmitting data, and the number of things it is going to open up for the human race is mind-boggling.

We have already touched upon how 5G may be the only way to use a device in the future that requires an incredibly fast internet connection to use, and who knows, maybe this invention is the one that will truly change humanity.

However, even if this doesn’t turn out to be the case in the foreseeable future, there is still no doubt that 5G will have an important role to play. With the internet being as important as it is, a faster connection speed can drastically improve the productivity of businesses all across the world.

Not only that, but it’s also just a net positive for your average joe too. Everyone loves having fast internet, and it is likely that people will be begging 5G companies to come to their location once people find out about just how good it is.

If you live in Mexico and within range of your closest 5G tower, you are incredibly lucky, and you will soon see just how much potential this innovative technology holds.

So, are you excited at the prospect of 5G becoming much more widely available? We know we are. There is no one on this earth that would say having better internet is a bad thing, and in all likelihood, 5G is going to become a mainstay in common society in the long run.

America Movil’s move into Mexico is only likely going to be the first of many voyages across the world to bring 5G to people everywhere, and despite some of the misinformation that is circulating around 5G and the vocal minorities’ negative perception, there is no doubt that its implementation is going to make millions of people happy around the globe.


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