50 meters of the Yucalpetén pier collapse

(Photo: Yucatán al Instante)

About 50 meters from the fishing shelter pier in the Yucalpetén port collapsed, leaving heavy damage visible, parts of concrete falling into the water and also observing large cracks that could lead to further damage.

Mérida, Yucatán, March 30, 2022.- Luckily, there was no one near that area, located in the western part of the pier, right in front of a freezer, and it is because the cracks in the pier had been observed for days, for which the fishermen took their measurements.

It was in the first minutes of Wednesday, March 30th, that the concrete collapsed, with at least 50 meters of the concrete structure falling into the water, without the authorities having previously intervened, despite the fact that many fishermen previously reported the danger that the cracks represented.

In fact, at this moment you can see subsidence in various parts of the floor, in addition to more cracks that could lead to more collapsed areas. This construction is about 50 years old and has never received maintenance, according to the people of Yucalpeten.

After the collapse of part of the pier occurred, the authorities were notified again, and personnel from the City Council arrived to review what had happened, but it has not been reported what measures would be taken.

The Yucatan Times