3 Points to keep in mind when choosing an office space

If you’re looking for an office space, the location you pick is critical to your company’s success.

It has an impact not just on your day-to-day operations and employee morale, as well as on your brand identity. There are various perspectives that might change the office you choose; however, there are three that are very critical to the process. Hence, in this article we’ve mentioned the top factors to consider while choosing an office space.

1. Location
“Location, location, location,” they say. We’ve probably heard that famous statement, which emphasizes the importance of location while selecting a place for your workplace.

That being said, one of the reasons why Dubai is an extremely popular business hub is due to its excellent road networks and advanced multi-modal transport system. So, no matter the location, your clients and employees shouldn’t have much trouble reaching you. However, an important factor about the location of the workplace that you should be careful about is the security and the surrounding environment.

2. Price
When most companies are looking for a new office, price is arguably the most essential aspect. If you invest too little, you will either wind up with an unsatisfactory workplace or you would be required to leave within a few months. Invest too much, and you may find yourself unable to pay your rent or forced to relocate in order to reduce. Neither of those options is desirable.

When deciding how much to invest on your future office space, consider the following questions:

  • Is it possible for me to pay a three-month rent deposit on this office right now?
  • Have I inquired about any additional costs? (Maintenance, additional parking fees, and so on.)

Question one provides a general sense of affordability, and question two, inquiring about hidden prices protects you from being caught with expenses you didn’t expect.

3. Infrastructure
For certain firms, this is a much more crucial characteristic than it is for others. Furthermore, nowadays, there are not that many firms that can run effectively without a decent internet connection. Some workplaces, especially managed or serviced workplaces, have internet connection as part of their monthly fee.

Here are some things to ask to ensure that the infrastructure in your new workplace is adequate:

  • Have I included the cost of any internet connectivity when calculating the amount I’ll pay for this space?
  • Can I approach any other organizations in the area to learn about their infrastructure encounters?
  • Can I avail free parking for my employees?
  • Are there any arrangements for community-focused activities?

Some workplaces charge extra for even simple tasks like painting the walls or hanging decorations. Make sure you know where you stand long in advance. An unadorned office will not assist your brand’s image!

Setting up a new business can be difficult, but more often than not, getting the right office space is always the first step to organising your company. Hence, if you’re looking for some guidance on how to set up a new company, or how to rent an office space, consider booking an appointment with the professionals at IFZA.