Home Headlines Yucatecan woman survivor of the tragedy on the Merida-Cancun highway says: “It was like a horror movie”

Yucatecan woman survivor of the tragedy on the Merida-Cancun highway says: “It was like a horror movie”

by Yucatan Times
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In the tragic accident eight people died and 25 more were seriously injured.

(MERIDA, YUC. – TYT).- María Concepción Xol Dzul is a Yucatecan woman who was traveling to Cancun to spend a few days with her daughter and grandchildren. On the morning of Sunday, February 6th, she had everything ready for her return to Mérida. Even without a ticket, she went accompanied by her relatives to the bus terminal, although she felt a strange atmosphere.

Her daughter, named Wendy, says that she had a bad feeling that day because the weather was not very good, but until they bought the ticket for the aisle seat for their direct trip to Mérida, they never imagined that it could have been their last goodbye. 

“I was resting when I felt the impact and everything went dark; the screams of the people scared me, I open my eyes and I only see a lady next to me who was asking for help and that was when everything turned into a horror movie because there were people who were under the seats, some trying to get out. The one I can’t forget is a man who was yelling to help him get his son and his wife out of the bus”.

“An woman helped me to get out of the bus and so I walked a few steps away from the overturned bus, and sat down by the road, where there were already more passengers,” said María Concepción.

It took more than an hour for help to arrive. The rescue was carried out mostly by civilian motorists whos were passing by. The videos that circulated on social networks were not even a part of what was lived inside the ADO bus marked with number 0489. The driver was trapped between the twisted iron bars and he could only watch how the injured were removed.

The woman, residing in the Esperanza neighborhood, works as a domestic worker, job and income that have been curbed as a result of the injuries caused to both of her arms, legs, and neck, an injury that is allegedly more serious than expected, although the hospital staff said otherwise when they discharged her hours after she had arrived by ambulance.

Those responsible have not responded to the victims

All the attention that has been received is superficial and there is no certainty that the diagnoses are reliable, say the relatives. Some have even gone to another hospital for a second opinion.

Until now, the woman pays her expenses with what her relatives have deposited. In the hospital there is not much response; In addition, no representative of the ADO company or municipal or state authority has approached to try to support the victims.

”The most important thing is that she is still alive with us, although not entirely well; but we have a second chance to spend more time together, ” said the daughter of the affected, fused in a hug with her mother.

Finally, they mentioned that they hope to be able to resolve the legal fight that is coming with the transportation company. 

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