Yucatan was able to continue to develop its tourism offer despite the pandemic

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For most destinations around the world, the pandemic delivered a swift and decisive kick to the tourism gut. For Mexico, while the initial drop-off was immediate and devastating, the nation was able to rebound its tourism industry to not only recoup the losses but invest for growth, as well.

TRAVEL WEEKLY.– With $7 billion US dollars of foreign investment pouring in, Mexico was able to continue to develop its tourism destinations as well as the home in on new markets for repeat and intrepid travelers. Here are the five destinations in Mexico to watch in 2022.

We cannot mention destinations to watch in Mexico without giving a nod to the state of Yucatan, which hosted the (thrice postponed) Tianguis Turistico event back in November.

The event was the first large-scale tourism conference to be held since the outbreak of the pandemic, and it turned thousands of eyes toward this still-under-the-radar state on the Yucatan peninsula.

The energy pulsing at the event was centered on the Maya Train Project, which is a project launched by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The project, while postponed due to the pandemic, is most definitely full steam ahead, with the first leg expected to be up and running by sometime this year. Yucatan will be among the first destinations to have train stops on the line that is open. These stops will bring more tourism to the capital city of Merida as well as to archeological sites like Uxmal.

But Yucatan will also be showing off its coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. Dubbed the Yucatan Riviera, this calm stretch of beach will be populated by eco-conscious, small-scale resorts, boutique hotels, and locally-owned restaurants and shops.

The coastline is anchored by the port town of Progreso, which already has invested in its cruise port and Malecon.

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