Yucatan representative proposes to create the Permanent Commission for Tourism Development and International Promotion

(Photo: Reporteros Hoy)

The initiative seeks to eliminate the Tourist Development Commission and in its place create the Tourist Development and International Promotion Commission

(MERIDA, YUC. – STATE CONGRESS).- In order to endorse the importance that the tourism sector deserves, as it is an important element that contributes to the economic benefit of Yucatan, the PAN representative, Karla Salazar González, delivered to the State Congress, an initiative with a draft decree to extinguish the special Tourism Commission and, in its place, create the Permanent Commission for Tourism Development and International Promotion.

In ordinary session, the representative explained that Yucatan has a consolidated tourism sector and that this item is one of the main economic sources, translating into benefits for the citizens who live here.

“This new commission will have the purpose of studying, analyzing and ruling on initiatives related to tourism, as well as the international promotion of the State linked to it,” she added.

The Morena representative, Alejandra Novelo Segura, delivered an initiative to reform the Regulations of Congress, in order to update and streamline the discussions in the Plenary. The proposal includes a specific definition of the motions, their characteristics and the procedure for each of them. Also, the addition of the figure of abstention from voting is proposed, which was not contemplated by the regulations, as well as additions related to nominal votes.

In the ordinary session, the initiative presented by the representative of the PAN, Karla Salazar González, to reform various articles of the Law of the Human Rights Commission, was turned over to the Commission of Constitutional Points and the Government.

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