Home Headlines Without salary agreement, workers of the Judicial Branch would go on strike once again

Without salary agreement, workers of the Judicial Branch would go on strike once again

by Yucatan Times
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There has always been no agreement between the Judicial Power and the Union of Workers regarding the salary increase requested by the latter group for its members.

MERIDA, YUCATAN (February 11, 2022).- A meeting was held this day between both parties at the State Attorney’s Office for the Defense of Labor in which an agreement was supposed to be signed whereby a 3% salary increase would be applied to the workers.

However, this did not take place, although a new meeting was agreed for next February 21, in which an agreement could possibly be signed by both parties.

“The talks continue, yet there is no agreement. An appointment will be made for February 21. No percentage increase has been agreed upon, we are just looking at the situation,” said Juan Gómez Canto, representative of the Judicial Branch, upon leaving the meeting.

“They are asking for an increase to 7%, we still do not have an offer from our side. The situation is at a standstill until the next meeting is held,” said the lawyer.

Contrary to these statements, Renan Puc Chi, secretary general of the Union of Workers of the Judicial Branch, alleged that there was already an agreement, while criticizing the position of the judicial body of withdrawing without dialogue.

“There was an offer, we had already made progress, but the offer was withdrawn. Let us hope that on February 21 they do not change their mind. The work tables were of no use, since the negotiations were achieved thanks to the mediation of the State Executive, through the State Attorney’s Office for the Defense of Labor,” he said.

He pointed out that, in the meeting, the representative of the Judicial Power mentioned that there could not be an agreement due to the fact that the union was about to carry out a consultation with its members about going on strike to demand the raise, a situation that he described as incongruent.

“The exercise of a union right (strike) cannot condition an agreement. Our consultation will continue. We have to see what the workers think about the strike. Today the assembly in which the consultation would take place was scheduled, if there was an agreement, it would be suspended, although if there was not, it will continue with the process,” he stressed.

He insisted that, if nothing is reached on February 21, the strike call will be made official.

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