UADY responds to Prepa Uno students formal complaint on homophobia

(MERIDA, YUCATAN | SIPSE) The Autonomous University of Yucatan UADY invited all the students of High School 1 who felt aggravated on February 14, due to alleged acts of homophobia, to present the respective complaints through the institutional channels.

This will guarantee that they will be treated with absolute adherence to human rights, according to what was announced in an official statement.

Yesterday afternoon, about 150 young students from the campus and people outside of it staged a protest on the esplanade of Prepa Uno, complaining that on February 14 for Friendship Day, two men were not allowed to allegorically “get married” at the “Civil Registry” table installed as a recreational activity on the occasion of the date.

Likewise, they reported that males, local students, have been prohibited from wearing eyeliner, and with the foregoing, they alleged that they are discriminated against because of their sexual preferences, and this situation violates their human rights.

In the protest Wednesday, those present put together their “conga” dance and there were other improvised dances.

In this regard, the UADY issued a statement on Thursday, mentioning that people “in the exercise of their freedom of expression, held a demonstration in favor of the rights of the LGBTIQ+ community. Given this event, we report the following:

“1. We endorse our total respect for the diversity and ideological, political and gender plurality of those who make up our community”.

“2. In that order of ideas, we will reinforce inclusive practices among the various sectors of our community”.

“3. Given that the demonstration held at the gates of the campus had its origin in the events held on the occasion of the Day of Love and Friendship, we invite people who have felt aggrieved to present their respective complaints through the institutional channels, guaranteeing them as always that they will be treated with absolute adherence to human rights.”

“UADY Preparatory School One has been a pioneer institution in matters of inclusion: our staff has received training and we were one of the first dependencies to have inclusive bathrooms. For all these reasons, we reiterate our desire to always listen to all voices, since we want to build a university community with an environment that respects human rights, is safe and harmonious”.

The Yucatan Times

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