Tuesday, February 22, will be a hot day for the wintertime in Yucatan

A new cold front could still appear in the region before the end of the month.

(MÉRIDA, YUC. – METEORED).- This Tuesday, February 22nd, the weather in Yucatan will be hot and rainless due to the circulation of an anticyclonic system in the middle levels of the atmosphere.

Just one month before the spring season officially begins, the weather in the Yucatan Peninsula is expected to include thermal sensations above 40 degrees again.

This condition would be maintained all week, so preventive measures will have to be taken against high radiation, dehydration and heat stroke.

For Yucatan, maximum temperatures of 32 to 37 degrees are predicted, with a sensation of embarrassment, and minimums of 19 to 24.

In the case of Mérida, the maximum would be from 32 to 35 degrees, and from 20 to 23 the minimum.

TYT Newsroom