Tourists are urged to respect health protocols against COVID-19 in Mérida

(Photo: Fernando Eloy)

Tourists will be asked to comply with all the health protocols requested by the state and federal government to prevent infections.

(MERIDA, YUC. – MERIDA CITY COUNCIL).- José Luis Martinez Semerena, director of economy and tourism of the Mérida City Council, said that they have created a campaign to promote the use of face masks mainly among visitors and tourists.

“We have to make tourists and people who visit us aware that they have to abide the instructions set out today by the state health secretariat”

And it is that, while in other countries, the use of the face mask is no longer mandatory, as in some states of the United States, in Yucatan and throughout Mexico, it is still mandatory to wear pne.

“We had a very strong campaign through the tourism promotion page ‘Visit Mérida’ for the use of face masks and so that these guidelines will also be respected in all establishments and that is how the tourist responded,” he reported.

“Today it is reflected in the decrease in cases that we are having, and this, in the end, is a benefit that all Meridians enjoy,” he said.

TYT Newsroom