Today, February 24th, México’s National Flag Day is celebrated


Every February 24 Mexico celebrates National Flag Day since its implementation in 1937

(MEXICO – SEDENA).- The holiday was established by the President General Lázaro Cárdena,s in the 1930s, and it was first held in the monument to General Vicente Guerrero, to pledge allegiance to the Mexican flag that waved for the first time on March 12, 1821.

The current design of the Mexican Flag was adopted by decree in 1968, in the occasion of the Olympic Games held in Mexico City, while its confirmation as the official national flag was made on February 24, 1984.

Colors play a significant and symbolic role in the flag, which echoes pivotal passages of Mexican history.

The left green rectangle represents hope, the center white background to the Mexican emblem (an eagle devouring a serpent) represents purity and unity, while the right red rectangle represents the blood shed by the nation defenders and martyrs.

Every year, Mexicans celebrate Flag Day with official ceremonies in public squares, schools and government institutions. This year’s Flag Day ceremony led by the Mexican president in Campo Marte, equestrian field used for major military and government events in the heart of Mexico City.


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